Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Marriage Amendment in the debate

The Federal Marriage Amendment is sure to come up again in tomorrow's debate. Kerry will most certainly accuse Bush of trying to divide the country by "politicizing" the Constitution. The appropriate response: the Constitution is a political document. That's why the framers included in the Constitution itself the means to amend it! To suppose that the Constitution could not be altered in response to changes in political sensibilities is preposterous. We would not have the beloved 14th Amendment if that were the case.

In this particular case, the Constitution needs amending because of the capriciousness of many of our present-day judges. The framers of our Constitution most certainly could not have guessed that the definition of marriage would ever be questioned. Thus, they saw no need to define marriage. Things have changed; the definition of marriage is indeed under assault. The appropriate response therefore would be to change the Constitution. If the Amendment fails, it would fail for political reasons - its backers could not secure the required 2/3 vote in each house, and concurrence by 3/4 of states.

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