Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Second Amendment

The very fine news out of Washington, DC recently is that the SCOTUS has decided to take up the second amendment issues presented in Washington, DC's recent gun laws.

I'll have to bone up on the issue and get back to everyone with comments. My first source will likely be Eugene Volokh, of course.

In general, I'm feeling good about this one, though. First, the court is being asked to overturn a correct (IMLO) appellate court's opinion. Second, amicus briefs are being filed on behalf of the District of Columbia by such sophists as the American Academy of Pediatrics. Not to denigrate their professional accomplishments in their chosen field of medicine, but what additional benefit could a group of baby doctors possibly bring the the field of gun law? Our newly installed heavyweight SCOTUS jurists will surely see right through any chaff that such characters may throw up to distract from a correct opinion.