Monday, October 6, 2008

Tax Rates for the Unemployed

I find it almost counter-intuitive that Obama's lead in the polls has been growing over the past few weeks as the financial crisis enveloping our nation has deepened.

Republicans have always been the business friendly party. Why now, all of a sudden, is it the Democrats who are going to come to the rescue of the nation? I can only surmise that most people are just simply confused. They are tired of the barrage of financial news, and they think that any change is good.

Well, that's just sloppy thinking. Take one look at Obama's prescription for our country, and his philosophy of entitlements, and one can only conclude that an Obama Presidency would only make things worse, not better. It's simply infuriating.

Obama likes to point out (misleadingly) that he will lower tax rates for the middle class. Well, it doesn't make any difference what tax rate you pay if you don't have a job!

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