Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Modest Proposal

Those of you who have followed this blog know that I don't believe Obama will actually implement the modest proposals he has put forth. I believe that his political philosophy calls for much more intrusive government, and that, ultimately, this will result in much greater taxes, and a massive increase in the scale of the federal government. This is the logical result of his health care proposals, for one, since what he has actually proposed can only be analyzed as a step toward a more comprehensive public health care. It doesn't make sense any other way.

Furthermore, you know that I believe that the full implementation of Obama's political philosophy will result in several adverse consequences: permanently higher unemployment; permanently lower growth rates; diminished innovation and lower choice and freedom generally.

So, I have a modest proposal of my own.

I propose that we keep track of who votes for whom.

Then, when unemployment goes up to the 8-10% range permanently in 4-5 years, those people who voted for Obama will be required to pay some additional sum of taxes into a pool of money which will be used for unemployment insurance.

Also, when, in 7-8 years, we have completed some portion of the switch to public health care, and I must then wait 9-12 months to get some uncomplicated knee surgery (if I get it at all), I propose that everyone who voted for Obama will have to pay extra sums of money into a special tax pool that will be used for people who voted for McCain to get access to health care on an expedited basis.

Seems fair, right? Isn't Obama all about fairness?


American Infidel said...

If I didn't know better, I would say you have been hypnotized by some unemployed writer from the NYT.
Maybe you need a couple bottles of Ommegang Three Philosophers to rinse out the brainwash.

mfinlay said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment. I am saying that Obama voters must pay for the costs of Obama's faulty policies...

Why should that seem like it came from the pen of an unemployed NYT writer? Surely such a person would think that there is no cost to Obama's programs...

American Infidel said...

I was trying to be facetious; Sorry. So, you'd put additional taxes on McCain voters because they voted wrong? Thanks!
I do agree there shall be plenty of "buyers remorse" with Obama voters. But implement his policies and promises he will, with the blessings of Congress. He and his followers' radical ideas could cause irreparable damage. And not only within our borders.
Democrats have already vocalized their intended vengeance.
Geeze! What a mess this might be!