Wednesday, August 20, 2014

War Is Not The Answer...

The beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State yesterday keeps making me think of the people who ride around with bumper stickers on their cars which say "Peace" or "War is not the Answer."

How's that Peace thing workin' out for ya?

Sure, I'll admit that peace is a wonderful thing - who wouldn't? And I'd go even further to say that war is definitely not the answer... until it is. But those bumper stickers rub me the wrong way because they don't even allow for the possibility that the world might want to stop, say, Hitler.

It is woefully na├»ve to believe that there are not really evil people out there trying to do all sorts of bad things to other people. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to beat those people back with what might be called war. By foreclosing that possibility before it even becomes necessary, one only emboldens the bad guys.

I very much like the saying that abortion should be legal and rare. There's a similar thought which should prevail about our military: it should be strong, vocal, and mostly idle.

How about a new bumper sticker: War Is Not the Answer... Until It Is.