Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trump for President?

I have a prediction to make: Donald Trump will not actually run for President. His current antics are nothing more than a means to get himself, and keep himself, in the spotlight as long as possible. He's hopelessly narcissistic. He likes to hear himself talk so much that he doesn't even realize how moronic he sounds.

The most likely reason that Trump will bow out? Financial disclosure. He says that he's worth $8 billion, but I don't buy it. He can't lie on federal disclosure forms.

The upside is that when Trump bows out, much of the 10% or so of the electorate which supports Trump will swing to the only other straight talker in the race: Chris Christie. While Christie doesn't have the populist schtick which attracts people to Trump, he's certainly got the gumption.

If I get time, I'll write a post on why Christie deserves more of your attention.

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